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Animal Crossing: Friendship, love and special events; Bonus: Easter Day!

Hello guys and welcome back to my Animal Crossing gaming section. Today I am going to tackle a few social topics, which is something that we are lacking nowadays with COVID-19.

We are going to talk about friend, family, wishes, Amiibo and… Bunny Day!

Bunny Day and Zipper

I am going to start here. Firstly, because if you have been playing Animal Crossing it means you already are sick and tired of finding eggs everywhere; there is water eggs, stone eggs, sky eggs, leaf eggs… hell, there is even earth eggs. Those things are everywhere, just like Zipper warns you!

And secondly, although the catholic Easter was last week, the orthodox one and the one my family is celebrating is actually happening this week! So, happy Easter!

Zipper will come into your town at the beginning of April and tell you that in two weeks he will be back to celebrate Bunny Day meaning Easter. So you have time to collect the different eggs and recipes and, if you have all the recipes by the time he comes back, you will bet the remaining ones and your Bunny collection will be complete.

You will get this fabulous Easter costume, too. Which is the only decent dress in the Easter collection, really. But mind that the whole town will most likely wear different egg clothing on the Bunny Day.

Amiibo, the Camping Site and Harvey

One of the nice things about this is that you can use your old Amiibo figures or cards once again. While you will probably want to have new characters into your town by inviting them to the camp site, you can always invite them into the Harvey’s Island Studio!

He will have different studio rooms where you can invite your characters and make different pictures depending on decoration, costumes, and positioning of the character. After that, you can order at the Nook online shopping service the pictures of the characters! That will add extra points on the Home Academy, too. Just hand those pictures on the wall!


Awwwww… so here it comes. Since the quarantine situation, both me and my husband have been particularly involved into Animal Crossing. It has been truly therapeutic (and competitive, too).

We can visit each other, see how each island progresses, go check our houses and decoration… we can even go fishing or bug catching together!

We can sing and play musical instruments, go check the museums or visit the local neighborhood. He even leaves me cute messages on the local board to show his love!

On our wedding anniversary, we even had a date on Animal Crossing. He came with cute presents, too. And a very nice new outfit for me, which is super cute given he knows my taste really good.

And even in the game world, he sometimes makes me feel uncomfortable…. like using the toilet of a neighbor we were visiting together… just like that in front of everyone! But what can I say? Love wins…

Wishes and Celeste

Celeste is the brother of Blathers from the local museums. She will appear on your island on the clear sky night and tell you how to catch shooting stars. You can even collect object and stories from her.

She will be there to guide you through all the questions you might have. She really is one of my favorite characters and I really have a soft spot for her and Blathers.

All you need to do is to look up the sky when you hear like a little bell sound. Then, you will be able to press A and catch them! Mind that if you see one shooting start, it means they will most likely be a few 3-5 added to that. So just be patient and wait.

In the next days, the start will be washed by the sea up shore and you can collect them, just like any shell. Then you can process with the DIY projects gotten from Celeste, neighbors and/or shooting balloons.

That being said… May all your wishes come true, and see you next time!

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