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Game Review – Doraemon: Story of Sesons

Hi there, cool farmer! I say that in the opening because Story of Seasons is basically just Harvest Moon rebranded… a very popular farming game, you guessed right!

Expand your farm by growing crops, raising livestock, fishing and selling pretty much everything you find.


Don’t go overboard with crops. Planting too many seeds can kill your routine entirely. Watering crops takes a long time and consumes stamina. If you plant more seeds than you can handle, you can end up wasting time and resources.

Don’t also forget to take care of your animals, clean, feed and take them outside.

Foraging is one of the easiest ways to get gold, you can wander in the mountains, falls, beach and get the items there. Do not forget to clear up your backpack before you start foraging because you never know what you might find along the way.

Mining is tiring yeah but you get money from that and you can maintain stamina in a simple way by pausing or consuming aliments.

Whilst mining, you will find fossils and other items. Feel free to sell these as they are not rare, as well as updating your tools.

If your stamina runs out, just go fishing until midnight if there’s nothing to do, try and fish in many spots, such as the beach, cape, river, lake, and you can store or sell them. Try and come up with your own fishing path, but until then, you can start in Zazan Cape, catch two fish, move to Zazan Beach, catch two fish and repeat this process in other locations. The reason for only catching two fish is because the first two fish to take the bait are really fast, the third fish will only slow you down and you might end up going home with less fish.

From now on, a good routine is to water your crops, clean up your farm, go to the mines, talk to everybody and start fishing when you run out of stamina. This way you’ll be making money, progress to upgrade your tools and increase your friendship with the town.

Eventually, you’ll start triggering events as your friendship with the townsfolk increases.

And in the meanwhile, have fun!

Let the story walk you through, participate to all the contests and get as many stamps as possible.


Overall, I think this is a very cute game to begin with!

Nevertheless, the days are going too fast for what you need to do and it can feel rather stressing than enjoyable at some times. The story also goes way too fast for my taste (and time, for the record).

But if you are into farming games, I think it is worth your time!

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