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Game Review – The Book of Unwritten Tales II

This game is the continuation of The Book of Unwritten Tales I, of course. The first game introduced us to four fantastic protagonists: Wilbur Weathervane, a young gnome with dreams of adventure and… hmm, magic, Ivo, a strong elven princess with incurable wanderlust, and Captain Nate, the Han Solo in every way, right down to his mute muppet Critter.

A few years after their defeat of the dark witch Mortroga, things are not going well for our heroes. Ivo has been imprisoned in the woodland realm by her mother and she’s inexplicably become pregnant. Yes, you read that good. She does not know why she is pregnant!

A bounty hunter has brought Nate and Critter before the Red Pirate, the slightly insane crime lord from whom Nate stole his ship.

Worst of all Wilbur, having finally achieved his dream of becoming a mage, must now do the impossible – he must teach unruly children magic.

As all this is going on, dark clouds begin to mass on the horizon. Dark in a metaphorical sense, that is – literally speaking they’re bright pink.

To sum it up if you do not know much about the first part, this game it is all about puzzle, adventure and click on stories. The plot-line, as you might have noticed, holds a lot of black humor and critique about the modern times.

There are not many stories out there where magic teachers know actually no magic, dark magic comes in candy, your best rat friend is a werewolf, you get pregnant by someone wishing it to you, zombies get a robot baby, and a vampire search for a hot, blond and stupid woman to have a good time. If you are sensitive about any of those topics, this is NOT a game for you. I think I do not need to mention this is not a game for kids, right?

All in all, I think it was a fun game and if you love click adventures, this is everything you could possibly want. With clever graphics, a fully orchestrated soundtrack and top-notch voices, its production values are just great. The script is laden with hilarious references, but under all that it’s full of charming, memorable characters. As weird as it make sound, this game was clearly made with love by some really passionate people, and it will make you laugh heartily.

More about it in images of my walk-through:

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