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Mangrove forest at Prachuap Khiri Khan

Pran Buri Forest Park

The Pran Buri Forest Park is a protected area in Thailand, located at the mouth of the Pran Buri River to the Gulf of Thailand.

The park protects the mangrove forest of the Khlong Kao-Khlong Kop National Reserve Forest and covers 3.17 square kilometres.

You can reach it by long tail boat from the nearby fishing village, while hearing the secrets of squid fishing.

The whole area is large but the nature trails are well managed and it is not too long or too tiring to walk.

This mangrove serves as a classroom for people to learn about mangrove with the focus on growing mangrove plants and restoring mangrove forests.

Along the way, the youth guide will show you different kinds of mangrove plants, species of small animals and fish found in the forest.

Commonly seen animals include mud skippers and fiddler crabs, which are among the indicators of the abundance of mangrove forests. Others are kingfisher, shrimp, and oysters.

Along the way, you will find signs providing information about the trees and animals.

However, the highlight is to go up and see the view overlooking mangrove forest at Chakhram tower.

It’s a 6-story height building and giving a stunning panoramic view of the surrounding mangroves.

Now relax and enjoy the view!

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