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Our trip to Thailand: General, Hua Hin and our Six Senses experience in Pran Buri!

Hello and greetings back from the land of smiles!

Friendly and food-obsessed, hedonistic and historic, cultured and curious, Thailand tempts visitors with a smile as golden as the country’s glittering temples and tropical beaches.

Thailand is the travel hub of Southeast Asia. Most visitors coming into the region fly to Bangkok and then simply make that their base for further visiting. It’s the most visited country in the region – and with good reason!

Thailand speaks for itself.

Thailand has a lot to offer travelers – no matter your budget. The country has something for everyone. It is true our experience revolved around spa, sun and relaxing, but that does not mean yours should be like that, too!

But before presenting you our perspective on the location and accommodation, I would first like to state something very important, which I came across before visiting the country: don’t take for granted what you read! It might be that some people have a better (or worse) experience than others! Surely, you can read reviews and decide based on that which area, hotel or restaurant is better. But do not read reviews about the country in itself, because you might have the problem that the answer you receive is a very generalized one based on a local experience.

Is Thailand safe?

Thailand is a safe place to travel. That was one of the first things I was asked about, and I cannot emphasize it more than the place is safe as long as you do not do something crazy, or really have a bad luck. But that happens in every country, especially the ones that involves heat.

Food is really safe, and let’s be honest… food that is kept in sun in the market would have the same effect on your body, whether you have it in Thailand, Romania, Spain or Italy. And of course if you are not used to spicy food, it will take some days to accommodate.

Wear sun protection. I saw a lot of people getting sick because of simply ignoring this important aspect. A couple from Denmark experience massive sunburn (I call them the lobster couple), because they overestimated their own capacity of dealing with the sun. Health before beauty, people!

When to visit

Well, the official rainy season is from July until the end of October. But according to the locals, the rainy season was shifted to August since the climate change. If you want the best time, then you should probably come between December and April.

Land of Smiles

Thailand’s nickname says enough! This country is all about its smiles and it is one of the pillars of The Thailand tourism industry. But this does not mean you can generalize a whole country, as we saw grumpy people as well. But generally you should be polite and respectful, as showing emotions in public is generally seen as not appropriate.

Hua Hin and around Pran Buri

Both Hua Hin and Pran Buri district revolve around the Prachuap Khiri Khan Province (which is also a city name), so it was confusing at first for us to really locate where we are.

Our hotel was Evason Hua Hin, but really it was located outside the city Hua Hin, somewhere in Pak Nam Pran, Pran Buri District, Prachuap Khiri Khan. You’ll get there, believe me!

Evason and Six Senses

One of the reason we chose this hotel was the remote area it was located. Honestly, this particular area of Thailand is mostly touristic for the locals, so you will not see many Europeans around. That makes it quiet, too.

From our fully booked flight to Bangkok, only us went out and did not proceed to the transfer. That is 2 people from around 100+ tourists. That comes in your favor, too! With the same price you would normally get a normal room in Phuket or Krabi, here you will get a very nice, private Pool Villa. You might not find much about the area on Google, but believe me when I say it is a lot to see! Or don’t, just explore it by yourself. You might come across something we actually missed.

The Resort: a heaven for Nature

One of the things that really impressed us from the moment we entered the resort was the vegetation and the nature that comes with it. Water full of fishes, birds, geckos, insects, nests just on the outside of your room… and kitties, too!

and yes, that is the reception!

One of the nice thing about the reception area is that you can really observe the nature in action, whether is about a butterfly, a fish… or a bird! Here you can see some of the steps going on when catching frogs and fishes.

Pool Villa

What we liked most about our place was, of course, the water element. You had your own space and quiet, as well as an outdoor bath!

At first we were a bit like… who needs hot water at such temperatures! But staying in the bath at night, under the sky full of stars, listening to the little geckos coming at light to catch insects… an experience we will not likely forget.

Hmm, ok! Here I just want to show you my tattoo, being the first time I can actually show it to the world (I got it in December).

…and my really, really handsome husband!

The Spa Area

Oh well, here it goes… The spa! One of the best thai massage experiences, or so we say. We had the thai herbal, thai facial and couple’s coconut experience, and we could hardly decide which was best. The facility offers also sauna and steam before the massage, as well as sweets and ginger tea after it. It was just great.

And one of the nice things about the facility was exactly the flower in the picture below. I am unsure if that is one of their marketing ideas, but it works! I can only see or smell it and I go back to Evason. The whole resort was full with this tree and it was the first and last smell we got from the facility. Hell, the flowers were even in the room!

…a real paradise for flower lovers!

Pool Area

And if you are not in for the private pool, the pool area is just as nice, if not nicer. The facility is super clean, relaxed, and there is always someone offering you a cold towel, ice cream or fruits.

The facility also offer drinkable water.

What I like most about the facility is how they try to reduce waste and recycle. You get refillable bottles of water in the room, and the cones for drinking water in the pool area are made out of paper.

And if you are not in for the water, there is always the sea or a cocktail around the corner.

The Bar Area

Greetings from the bar area, where such friends are more likely to welcome you before the staff does.

Food and drinks are ok, especially if you are lazy and do not want to leave the facility, just like us most days.


Food in Thailand is mostly fruits or spicy food, or so I got it. We were always welcomed or given some as a desert, whether facility, local or whatever-based.

Their restaurant offered such spicy food experience, as well as some nice live music. But bring (or ask) for mosquitoes spray!

Around the resort

Additionally, there is a super nice walking area around the corner, so you can check the Golf of Thailand more up close. You might find some new friends in the process!

…and lastly, do not forget to taste the coconut!

Coming up, here are some articles that will follow soon:

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  • Mangrove Forest
  • Kui Buri and wildlife elephants
  • Bangkok
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  • Amphawa Railway and Floating Market
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And if you cannot wait, I have a small overview for you:

See you soon!

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