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Pokémon Sun (&Moon) – Nintendo 3DS @Game Review

Hello guys and welcome to our game review section. Today I am not going to tackle the Nintendo Switch, but instead we will go a little bit back in time to some golden memories of my first Nintendo, and my cat would totally agree with paw excitement!

Like reading one favorite book in an unfamiliar place, Pokémon Sun combine my favorite things about Pokémon into an adventure that reminded me why I fell in love with this RPG series in the first place. And, of course, why I love the Pokémon series so much!

With equal attention given to story and battle, the game honors the 20-year legacy of Pokémon and improve upon it in a number of ways, making for a surprising tropical adventure that is as much about the journey as it is the destination.

The games take place on the islands of Alola, modeled after Hawaiian and Pacific Islander culture. Everyone is laid back, friendly, and thrilled to help you along your journey.

There are ways to keep busy like the besting the island captains and collecting all 800+ Pokémon. There’s even a marker on the map that tells you exactly where to go in Alola.

The reward for completing a trial is a Z-Crystal, an item which allows the Pokémon holding it to attack with an extra-strong move once per battle. It’s Alola’s take on Mega Evolutions, designed to add something to the battle.

Nevertheless, I didn’t really need to use these Z-Moves during my challenges, as it was enough to take into account the Pokémon types.

But… it is kind of cool to have as a panic button in a tough battle and let’s say there is a usage of that when you are not ready with the correct trained Pokémon.

This time around, the main antagonist on your journey is a band of street weirdos known as Team Skull. They’re comic, throwing out ridiculous gang signs and wearing their incompetence on their sleeves. But Team Skull’s goals are modest, I have to give them that. There are not the type of character that you might hate, let’s leave that to Joffrey in Game of Thrones.

And, as in any Pokémon game, the final addition into your Pokédex does not come until the end of the story. I got Solgaleo for playing the Sun version.

All in all, I think the story is super cute to follow and they did a good job. I was a bit skeptical at first because I am not a crazy fan of Aloha inspired Pokémon (consider me old school), but the story made up for it …. and, at the end of the day, as in any Pokémon game, it’s all about the journey.

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