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VIECC 2019

If you are a nerd fan just like me and my husband, VIECC is the right thing for you to do!

Whereas I have to admit this is not the best Comic Con I know (Germany and Romania are so far better from my point of view), it seems to be growing and improving a little bit every year.

Go around and check the booths full of nerdy merchandise, activities to make the time pass by (such as trying the new Nintendo consoles or new games, both digital and board type) and then head towards the guest panels to check out some live interviews and discussions that are movie/series related.

I have to admit the one thing I really hate is the way they organized the autograph and greet rows. While it is known that all Comic Cons have their share of VIP, gold, silver or whatever ticket, they also have different hours to go by. Here, the hours are common which means that the normal row might start at the end of the program (if), because there are constantly people coming on the VIP row and they are going up front regardless if they came 2h later than you or not (which from my point of view, is totally not in a convention atmosphere). I understand that if you pay more, you want priority, but then different times is needed and we wait (as long as we need to our turn), but at least some turn should exist.

On a positive note, I have to give credit to the volunteers. After 2h waiting in line and VIPs, Golds-whatever kept coming so my row not advancing at all, we had a photo-ops coming that was once a day only and already checked in at autographs (since we said it cannot take 2h for 10 people, not knowing VIPs will keep coming and will be stuck forever), one volunteer gave us some paper to go at the picture and told us to come back and we will be taken up front. That was really nice that he tried to help us get the things we paid for. Thumbs up, wherever you are!

Another nice thing is the gaming area, where you can go and see the live battle inside the arena (or, why not, participate by yourself).

And to keep best for the last, you can actually get pretty cool tattoos there. I got my gaming Pikachu at the Release Tattoo Studio from Graz. Their page here.

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