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Comic Review: Vampire Free Style #1-6

Today, we will be taking a look at Vampire Free Style: The Graphic Novel, a collected edition that includes books one through six. Published by Neptune Factory, Vampire Free Style is written and drawn by Jenika Ioffreda.

I had the pleasure of meeting Jenika at the Comic Con this weekend, in Vienna. I was lucky enough to get her signature on the novel I bought!

Though I had some mixed feelings attached to a manga-style comic book featuring vampires that is created by a young person (the Twilight allergy I have), this was not a too much of a self-indulgent fantasy… it was just right!

Young boy Padroncino is mourning his missing girlfriend when he finds a black cat. The cat, named Micia, also grabs the attention of the mysterious Edward, who sees a mysterious young woman any time she is around. There’s also an ancient curse, a necklace and a weird figure known as the Master.

The drawings were so cute and spot on and followed nicely the story throughout the pages, it felt at some point it is not going slow and fast enough. Slow, to inspect the amazingly good drawn images and also fast, to find out the outcome of the story.

I did feel the last part of the ending was a bit too fast, but I am sure there was a good reason the author felt it should be like that.

For more about the comics and the author, check this page! Hope to find her next year at the convention again.

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