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Comic Review – Shark Farmer && Tracht Man

First of all, if you never heard of Plem Plem Productions, you should check it right now!

I discovered the production through Chris Kloiber, who attended Comic Con in Vienna two years ago. He took my eye immediately with his square, oversized, white and light blue pattern clothes. Back then he was selling his first Tracht Man comics numbers.

I have to admit I bought it at first because of the weird extravaganza around the booth. The results were far beyond expected. This cool Bavarian superhero, getting his power from pretzel and beer is just hilarious! You do not even need to know much about Germany or Bavaria to fall in love with this! I totally recommend it to you! Be aware that numbers 1-3 are also available in English. They come a bit slower in non-German version, but they do!

This year, though, I came across this new Shark Farmer comics and discovered he was the author of this as well.

Different story, same good humor. Regular farmer drinks contaminated beer (right, it is all about the beer. Cheers, between!) and get transformed into a strong super hero, ready for his first adventure: kill the Amish vampires that try to eat his farm animals!

Well, for the rest, you need to read the comics. No spoilers here! In the meanwhile, I will add my signed copies to my comics collection. Have a nice reading time… and, you are welcome!

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