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Game Review – Little Dragon Cafe

Embrace your parental instincts and raise your very own Dragon! Through wise decisions, proper nutrition, and empathetic nurturing show the world the true potential of your Dragon companion.

If the summary presented above takes you into the world farming game collection, that’s because it is. The game is having the influence of the creator of Harvest Moon. Like its addicting siblings, it’s all about the simple but rewarding tasks of gathering ingredients, making friends, and earning money.

But Little Dragons Cafe has a much slower pace and in fact, it is the only game of its type (that I know of) where there’s no money at all and just ingredients… yummy!

In Little Dragons Cafe, you’re one of a pair of twins whose mother has fallen into a deep sleep. You learn that she’s part dragon, and in order to save her, you need to raise a dragon while also running the family cafe.

You meet new cafe customers with problems of their own, and one by one, you help each of them through their struggles (mostly using food) to progress.

There’s a lot of silliness and cheerful platitudes throughout the story, and they’re largely sweet, if a little corny; one customer, for example, is an angry young girl who learns to better understand her father through a comforting shrimp dish. There is also a ghost, a here, a star, a robot, a vampire, a ware wolf, a thief, a witch and a fortuneteller – and all of them are strangely related!

As you progress, your dragon transforms. You can change his color by feeding him certain meals, and he’ll grow several times throughout the story. The larger he becomes, the more he can help.

He learns to hunt, bust up large obstacles, and help you reach areas around the map that were previously inaccessible which means you get to fly on your dragon! By the way, whats out that stamina!!!

No matter how many ingredients you collect or great dishes you cook, the plot progresses at its own pace.

Nevertheless, I would have liked that I can gather the ingredients and recipes in quiet. Even if you have lots of help at the cafe, they seem to make things worse into the serving: getting pissed, playing guitar or anything else than working. The customers review will let you know.

But in the end, this is a super cute game and, you go get to save your mom and makes friends along the way!

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